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IGN-Blog #13
One of the biggest difficulties we had at that point was actually the plot itself. The issue was twofold: first, naturally, we had to come up with a good script if we wanted the game to reflect the readability of the actual Sapkowski novels. Second, we were greatly concerned with the practical application of the script to the structure of a game. Hence the decision to recruit Artur Ganszyniec (known for "Wolsung") and Marcin Blacha (co-author of "Monastry" and "Neuroshima") practiced experts in the field of classical pen-and-paper RPGs. The former is currently the main force behind the creation of the plot for "The Witcher".
IGN Blog #12
The combination of all-mouse-controlled arcade-style combat with an intricate plot seemed to pique gamers’ curiosity, thus letting us know that we were headed in the right direction. Naturally, the mentioned demo is incredibly distant from where we are today with the game. Nevertheless, it was, in a sense, a prototype — an experimental ground for fresh ideas.
IGN Blog #11
We showed the first version of the demo at BioWare's headquarters in Edmonton, where we had been invited to present the game. BioWare offered us access to their booth at E3 to present the game to the media. It was a great help. We were really inexperienced then and the opportunity of spreading our wings caused intense emotions within the team.
IGN Blog #10
Such crowds hadn’t been seen for a long time in CD Projekt. At the beginning of February our headquarters suffered a real invasion of the barbarians.
IGN Blog #9
We decided that the office of RED, which had been situated in Lódz so far had to be moved to Warsaw. There were several reasons but the main one was that work on the game was carried out on a much larger scale than that on the prototype.
IGN Blog #8
As you probably know from the previous insider, entering the world of game creation didn’t go as planned for CD Projekt. But the decision was made and we turned to Mr. Andrzej Sapkowski to ask him for the right to use the world he created in a computer game.
IGN Blog #7
How we came up with the idea for the game “The Witcher”
IGN Blog #6
On the occasion of the premiere of the first Witcher cinematic trailer, I’d like to offer a little close-up on its creation and development process.
IGN Blog #5
Could I write a blog dedicated to The Witcher’s music? No problem man, although I’m not rather used to a public exposure.
IGN Blog #4
This week, Adam Skorupa takes us through the dynamic world of music and sound design.
IGN Blog #3
But hey, at least we’ve been productive; we spent last week at Games Convention in Leipzig, Germany, showing off The Witcher to hordes of media from around the world.
IGN Blog #2
We had a little chat this week with one of the busiest guys on the team, CD Projekt RED’s Head of Art, Mr. Adam Badowski.
IGN Blog #1
It's definitely high time that you, dear reader, found out more about our little game entitled “The Witcher” and about the team tasked with its development: CD Projekt RED.
Dev Diary: Combat
We have wanted to make combat in The Witcher to look amazing, yet remain realistic... simply extraordinary.

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