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Interview with, GC '08
Interview mit Michal Kicinski, einem der Mitbegründer von CD Project, zur Games Convention 2008 über die The Witcher Enhanced Edition. As a short introduction: What are main targets of the Enhanced Edition?

Michal Kicinski: Main target for the Enhanced Edition is to make The Witcher as perfect as it is possible. So it was our main target, to polish the game and to address all known issues and things which were not liked by gamers and change them and make the game even better than it was in the original version. And also add some additional content. One of the additional targets was to provide to all the players worldwide the same high quality of the box and all the content inside the box.
The Witcher Enhanced Edition Interview
ActionTrip: Generally speaking, how are things at CD Projekt right now, after the successful release of The Witcher?

Michal Madej: Generally speaking - very enthusiastic, but we're also a little puzzled. We always believed that The Witcher is an outstanding game, but still we are surprised how well it does all around the world. I am very glad that editors and gamers understand our vision of a modern role playing game. On the other hand, we feel a great responsibility, so now following titles will have much higher expectations and we can't disappoint you all. Hopefully, it will inspire us even more, but not paralyze our creativity.

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